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  2. I need this film to come out like now. 

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  3. —Does it scare you?


    —That’s good. Want to know why that’s good?

    Kinda love this. 

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  6. "When the movie releases, are you prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids? What would that mean to you?" [x]

    Chris Pratt def. a stand up guy. Applaud him. 

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  7. Im in love… Im in love… Lana got me like.


  8. theacademy:


    As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially welcomes more than 250 new members into its fold this week, we look back at the earliest days of our organization.

    On January 11, 1927, thirty-six of Hollywood’s most prominent figures, including Louis B. Mayer, Mary Pickford,…


  9. So after seeing #GuardiansoftheGalaxy, I came to the realization that #ZoeSaldana is 1 of the baddest mofo’s in the game right now. Would be very dope to work with. 



  11. “Does Sigfried save her?” “Quite spectacularly so.”

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  12. Jenna Coleman… She’s British. She’s a vision. And so if Hollywood/the UK ever wanted to make a biopic about her (which I think they absolutely should) I think she would make a great Vivien Leigh.


  13. This is oh so last year but honestly these 2 got that magic touch! Great interview. I can listen to these guys speak for days. 


  14. #SteveMcQueen > #Twitter…


  15. Chris Evans attends the ‘Before We Go’ premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre.


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